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Laws of Physics

Sometimes the best audio solution does not necessarily involve an electronic audio system. With electronics, we can compensate for the laws of physics but only to a limited extent.  In many cases excessive reverberation and troublesome acoustic resonance can make even the best engineered  audio system sound muddy, prone to feedback and the spoken word difficult to understand.  Turning up the volume only makes the problem worse. This is particularly true in gymnasiums, church fellowship halls, restaurant dining rooms and meeting rooms. Carpeting walls and treatment by guesswork using commonly available architectural acoustic materials or other materials that may not meet appropriate flammability standards usually leads to unpredictable, even  unsafe and seldom optimum results. 

We use more scientific approach using computer modeling and scientifically designed products that will provide a much more predictable result whether your space has too much reverberation or too little. By collecting sound samples andanalyzing the characteristics of your space, we can provide a predictable solution to most acoustic problems.  We can provide you with a report prior to installation that will provide you with a good approximation of the expected result.  We have available a wide range of materials that coordinate with your décor with custom finishes and colors if required. 

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